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Sapphire Twilight / Females


IC LV* Sapphire Twilight Jumilla

Jumilla – младшая сестренка Изабеллы. Воистину общительная и любознательная кошка! Для нее неприемлимо одиночество, дома она активный участник всех дел, и всегда первой бежит встречать гостей. Ее мурчательный моторчик работает 24 часа в сутки и Буся (так ласково ее зовут дома) обладает поистине выставочным характером, и уверенно демонстрирует себя на выставках во всей красе без тени смущения.

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IC LV* Sapphire Twilight Isabella

Isabella - sweet daughter of Denali with daddy's amazing green eyes and ligh silver and wonderfully plushy coat. Isabella is a perpetual motion cat that doesn't ever get bored of communicating and playing, not even at the shows on the judges table :) Thanks for that to her daddy who transmits his mild and lovable temperament to all of his kids without exception.

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IC LV* Sapphire Twilight Darina

Darina - sympathetic little princess of our cattery with delectably plushy, doble adult coat  with good silver sheen formed already at age of 4 months.  She has excellent show temperament and enchanting emerald of her eyes which she owes to her imperturbable daddy Fabio.  Masjanja - as we lovably call her at home - is very communicative,  affectionate and sweet.

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CH LV* Sapphire Twilight Balemila

Balemila - female with a really royal figure, step and temperament - she permanently demands love and attention to herself and you can't resist to insure that. At home she is called Liza because of her beauty and that "sad russian blue look and mysterious smile" which has been noticed by many judges at the shows as well.  Liza is the owner of really double and plush coat, fantastic silver on it and mild temper.

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