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GIC Jumillas Denali Alaska Sapphire Twilight

Denali is a sweet boy named after a greatest mountain of Alaska, where he comes from. He came to our cattery from our friendly cattery Jumillas in Germany to improve the coat, profile and size of ears, which are outstanding on him. When I went to Hamburg to choose him, he actually choise me himself by comming to my lap and falling asleep as if we knew each other for ages. That is how we fell in love and little Shrimp (how we call him at home after his daddy) came to us.

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IC Fabio Rosa Glauca, CZ

A young male of our cattery who came from Chech Republic. Starts rumbling every time when he notices his master. He lets you do with him whatever you please and ever doesn't mind. Fabio has very silver coat of good texture, dark green eyes, good placed ears. Kittens from him are of perfect temperament and exterier.

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LV* Sapphire Twilight Boris

Boris was the only male in the litter apar from his 4 sisters, so he just had to be the most in all meanings: the most tender, the most beautiful, the most green eyed, the best profiled and so on. He is a very lovely and lovable guy with the sweetest temper at home and at the shows. His coat is very dense, double and silver. Boris is very strong fellow with muscular body built. A real man! :)

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