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Sapphire Twilight / Males


SC Jumillas Denali Alaska Sapphire Twilight, DVM

Denali is a sweet boy named after a greatest mountain of Alaska, where he comes from. He came to our cattery from our friendly cattery Jumillas in Germany to improve the coat, profile and size of ears, which are outstanding on him. When I went to Hamburg to choose him, he actually choise me himself by comming to my lap and falling asleep as if we knew each other for ages. That is how we fell in love and little Shrimp (how we call him at home after his daddy) came to us.

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IC EE*Barmaleika Enchanting Deity

Kotja, as he is sweetly called at home, is the boy from the frendly Estonian breeder, who is now lacking possibility to go to the shows, so the charming boy is temporarly guesting in our home to be shown as he deserves it. A true gentelmen, with mild temper, absolutelly captivating eye glance, and astonishing coat together with perfect head lines that made me fall in love with him. A great player and a deep philosopher, a purring sweetheart and a brave show cat, a lap and hand lover and strong muscular high on legs men at the same time.

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