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Date of show System Club, city Experts Estimations
05.12.2009 FIFe Selena, Riga Anna Wilczek (PL) Ex1
06.12.2009 FIFe Selena, Riga Anna Paloluoma-Sundholm (FI) Ex1

Class 9

25.02.2012 FIFe Felix, Tallinn Yan Roca Folch (FR) Ex1, CAC, BIV
26.02.2012 FIFe Felix, Tallinn Vera Vasilieva (RUS) Ex1, CAC
03.03.2012 FIFe Rebuss, Riga Fabrice calmes (FR) Ex1, CAC, CH, BIV, NOM

Class 7

04.03.2012 FIFe Rebuss, Riga Anne Marit Veland (NO) Ex1, CACIB